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A data set containing all of the surprise songs played on The Eras Tour through the first North American leg of the tour.




A tibble with 114 rows and 8 variables:

  • leg: The leg of the tour (e.g., North America, South America, etc.).

  • date: The date of the show in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd).

  • city: The location of the show. For US shows, the location is the city and state. For international shows, the location is the city and country.

  • night: The show number within each city.

  • dress: The color of the dress Taylor wore on the given night.

  • instrument: The instrument used to play the song (guitar or piano).

  • song: The track name of the song.

  • guest: The special guest (if any) that joined Taylor to play the song.