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Data sets

taylor_all_songs taylor_album_songs
Data for Taylor Swift songs
Data for Taylor Swift's studio albums and EPs


Color palettes

The color palettes can be used to create custom color palettes, which can then be used in plots. Also included are some pre-made color palettes based on Taylor Swift’s album covers. To see these functions in action, see vignette("palettes").

color_palette() is_color_palette()
Create a custom color palette
album_palettes album_compare
Color palettes based on Taylor Swift's albums

{ggplot2} scales

Color scales functions can be used to easily give plots made with {ggplot2} a Taylor Swift theme. These functions use the color palettes based on Taylor Swift’s album covers to give an album-based theme to plot objects. For example usage, see vignette("plotting").


Correct ordering of Taylor Swift's albums
Convert string to title case