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A data set containing the names of Taylor's official releases, the album type, and release date.




A tibble with 17 rows and 5 variables:

  • album_name: The name of the album. NA if the song was released separately from one of Taylor's studio albums or EPs.

  • ep: Logical. Is the album a full studio album (FALSE) or an extended play (TRUE).

  • album_release: The date the album was released, in the ISO-8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).

  • metacritic_score: The official album rating from metacritic.

  • user_score: The user rating from metacritic.


This data set includes all official studio albums and EPs with new tracks. This means that compilations or EPs that are a subset of the original albums are not included (e.g., folklore: the escapism chapter, folklore: the sleepless nights chapter, etc.)